Hiller is committed to service excellence and technical expertise in fire protection.

From our humble beginnings in 1919 to our international presence today,
customer service has been our number one priority since the very beginning.

Welcome to The Hiller Companies

As we approach our 100th year anniversary, Hiller has been a company dedicated to serving our customers in the critical area of fire protection. Our ability to tackle some of the toughest fire protection challenges around the world to ensure the safety of human life has come from the passion of our employees and placing customers at the heart of everything we do.

In the past few years, the execution of our strategy has enabled us to double our footprint across the country to 20 offices, serving more industries and customers—bringing “The Hiller Difference” to a whole new segment of the marketplace.

For the next 100 years, our success will be determined by our ability to find innovative ways to exceed our customers’ needs. That innovation will come from our unique focus on employing the most talented, safe and fulfilled workforce in our industry. Whether you are a potential customer, a potential employee or just interested in learning more, we invite you to come see why Hiller is the ultimate choice in fire protection.


Patrick Lynch
President and CEO

In commemoration of Hiller’s 95th year anniversary:

Hiller’s commitment to service excellence and technical expertise in fire protection would not have been achieved without the support and relationships we have with our customers.

Thank you for your support, allowing Hiller to support your needs and helping Hiller Companies to build a great organization over the last 95 years.

Wishing you and Hiller Companies continued growth and success in the future,





Duncan Greenwood
Hiller Companies president and CEO (1981-2013)

Excerpt from 1967 brochure:

We are an organization of SPECIALISTS, making intelligent recommendations of each customer’s needs, based on careful and skillful study of the situation.

We have well-equipped, well-trained field crews and the South’s most completely equipped shop for the correct maintenance, inspection and repair of fire protection equipment.

In addition, our engineers and those of our suppliers are also available at your disposal to solve any problem, to assist with building plans, or to provide any information you may need.

We regard every sale as an obligation to fill the customer’s real needs, and not simply to fill an order… we consider every Service Contract as a sacred trust.

Jack Cocke Signature

Jack Cocke, 1967
Owner of JACO purchased by Hiller in 1981

Herbert S. Hiller Founds Fire Protection Equipment Co., Inc.
in 1919 New Orleans

Even before the days of the Great Depression, losses from fires were totaling in the millions of dollars in New Orleans. In 1919, the citizens of New Orleans watched as the Old French Opera House on Bourbon Street in the French Quarter was burned to the ground. That same year Herbert S. Hiller established the Fire Protection Equipment Company in downtown New Orleans. The company worked to give outstanding service to its commercial, shipyard, and naval customers throughout the rest of the 20th century. Striving to be excellent in customer service is a major reason why the business, now known as The Hiller Companies, is still protecting lives and property today.