A Worldwide Reputation of Excellence

The Hiller Companies is the preferred fire protection contractor for all branches of the military. Currently, there is a Hiller-designed fire suppression system on every U.S. Navy surface combatant ship. Whether it is for a military vessel, vehicle, base or government facility, Hiller can assist with your fire protection and security needs within the United States or overseas.

We are also well versed in LANTDIV, NAVSEA, ARMY CORP, UFC and NAVFAC special requirements. Our technicians are equipped with passports and are available for travel at a moment’s notice; and, our designers and installers have ready access to local military bases through the use of rapid gate passes. Riding crews are available as well for our marine customers.

We have taken the lead with many specialty design-build fire protection projects, including engine test cells, hush houses, anechoic chambers, aircraft hangers, tactical vehicles, hydroelectric generators, transformers, flammable liquids storage rooms and more.

Anechoic Chambers: Sound Proofing Meets Fire Proofing

Designed to absorb reflections of sound or electromagnetic waves, anechoic chambers can prove to be a challenge to equip with traditional one-size-fits-all suppression systems.

The Hiller Companies designs, installs and maintains customized fire detection and suppression systems for all types of anechoic chambers. The most frequently employed method of fire suppression in anechoic chambers is the use of clean agent systems, such as Novec 1230 and FM-200.

Military Vehicle Protection: Safeguarding Our Troops

Since 2000, The Hiller Companies has designed and manufactured customized military vehicle fire alarm control panels. Designed to protect tactical wheeled vehicle engine compartments, these panels monitor fire hazards and activate the appropriate extinguishers within seconds of detection. Domestically and overseas, Hiller presently has over 3,300 control panels in service protecting our soldiers and their vehicles.

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