The Hiller Companies Acquires Advanced Safety Systems, Inc.

The Hiller Companies is excited to announce that Advanced Safety Systems, Inc. (A.S.S.I.), headquartered near Boston, Massachusetts, will be joining its team. The Hiller Companies offers fire protection and security products and services that are preserving lives and property all around the world. Hiller, headquartered in Mobile, Alabama, has branch offices from California to Boston and purchased A.S.S.I. on May 1, 2017.

Hiller prides itself on a strong foundation of experience steeped in almost 100 years in the fire protection industry coupled with the most modern service technology. By combining Hiller’s experience with the expertise of A.S.S.I., Hiller is looking forward to adding A.S.S.I. as a second branch in the New England area.

“With over 50 years in the fire protection industry, A.S.S.I. has a proven track-record of innovation, reliability and solutions-based service,” Hiller CEO Patrick Lynch said. “We are looking forward to joining their experience and talents with Hiller’s offerings and services so that we are able to serve more customers in the New England region and beyond.”

Included in A.S.S.I.’s full array of fire protection offerings are unique fire protection solutions to protect works of art and historical iconography as well as fast-acting fire detection and suppression solutions to protect critical assets in education, healthcare, and industrial facilities as well as telecommunications and data centers.  A.S.S.I. has offices in Peabody, Massachusetts and in the Hartford, Connecticut area.

“We are very excited to become a part of The Hiller Companies and to bring the experience and knowledge we have gained in this industry to such a well-respected company,” A.S.S.I. President and CEO Bill MacKay said. “We believe this will be a great fit for everyone, and we look forward to combining forces with Hiller’s global market and to expanding our quality services to new and existing customers in New England.”