Jeffrey Kidd announced as General Manager of Hiller New England


Wilmington, MA. – “I have the best job in the world. I am a solutions provider, and it’s really fun. I love getting up on Monday and getting to work, and I don’t mind working on a Saturday or Sunday.”

These words from the new General Manager of Hiller New England are a testament to his love of The Hiller Companies and his continuation of a family tradition. Jeffrey Kidd took the helm at Hiller New England on June 1 of this year after the retirement of Peter Hanson with whom he worked closely.

“Peter took over as General Manager from my father, so it was a natural progression for me,” Kidd said. “I worked with Peter and helped him with management, so it has been an easy and seamless transition.”

Kidd noted his father was in the fire protection industry since the 1960s and was a founding member of the Fire Suppression Systems Association (FSSA).

“My father started the Hiller New England Branch 20 years ago this November with me,” Kidd said. “I have been around this industry all 50 years of my life. From the age of 7 or 8, I would go to trade shows. As I got older, I worked on site and went around filling fire extinguishers.”

Kidd is a graduate of Wentworth Institute of Technology with a degree in Electronic Engineering Technology and is a NICET Level IV engineering professional certified in special hazard fire suppression systems design.

Hiller New England specializes in the protection of IT/computer rooms, commercial operations and large industrial manufacturing operations. They also supply fire protection products to large military and government-based companies.

As the new General Manager, Jeff has a clear vision of the future of Hiller New England.

“I am committed to two things,” he said. “One, our staff. I want to help them grow and advance in their careers. Two, growing our branch. It is exciting times in New England and there is a lot of growth. I hope to position us in a proactive stance to grow with our business and our reputation that we have worked hard to build.”

Kidd is very active and involved in the FSSA and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). He represents Hiller on the FSSA Technical Committee and the NFPA Standard for Gaseous Fire Suppression Systems, Foam Systems, and Laboratory’s Containing Chemicals Technical Committee. He also represents the FSSA on the NFPA 45 Laboratories Containing Chemicals Technical Committee and the NFPA II Technical Committee on Foam.

“I spend a lot of time and extra hours doing work for these groups, but it pays back 10-fold,” Kidd said. “I work with the finest minds in the world on these committees, and our customers benefit from the cutting edge technology and information. We know what the future is and where it is going. Having this knowledge is valuable to the end user and the engineering and specifications communities at Hiller.”

Kidd noted that the wealth of knowledge these organizations provide and the friendships he has cultivated by participating have allowed him to grow the business across the country and even globally. He was able to establish a team for work in Arizona through his contacts in the FSSA who helped him connect with industry experts there. Having these contacts opens up a lot of possibilities for new contracts no matter where the job is located, he added.

“We can offer turnkey solutions by combining our expertise and working closely with other Hiller branches. I have helped align the complementary expertise between our branches, and I want to do more of that. I like to think of one Hiller rather than 12 Hiller branches. For example, I am not a marine guy, but I know people who are, and so I can put together a job sharing their expertise,” Kidd said. “I know we can work together to combine experience and assets. Hiller is bigger and better than where we started, and we are really excited for where things are headed.”