Protecting Energy Sources

Commercial Industrial Fire Protection

LNG, oil and petro-chemicals play a vital role in the energy and manufacturing needs of the world. The demand for such products continues to rise and with large-scale production sites comes unique safety risks. At The Hiller Companies, we understand the importance of your facility, the safety of your employees, and the dangers they face every day. That is why we provide comprehensive, customizable fire detection and suppression solutions to protect your people and assets against these risks.

From start to finish, Hiller manages the entire process of design, engineering, installation, service and maintenance. The service process is supported by our fleet of mobile service trucks, which provides on-site maintenance in a more efficient and timely manner than traditional off-site servicing.

As a qualified ISNetworld contractor, our safety record is reviewed annually to ensure that our processes meet stringent regulatory standards.

  • High Flow Fire Extinguishers
  • Fire Sprinkler Systems
  • Fire Deluge Systems
  • Fire Suppression Systems
    • Foam Systems
    • Gaseous Systems
    • High & Low Pressure CO2 Systems
  • Fire Alarm & Detection Systems
  • Gas Detection Systems
  • Mass Notification Systems
  • Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems
  • Building Safety
  • Small & Large Dry Chemical Systems
  • Water Monitors
  • Hose Reels
  • Water Mist
  • 24/7 Monitoring