Enhancing the Customer Experience

Why Now?

When Hiller was founded in 1919, technological service innovation culminated in effective note-taking and filing system. The ballpoint pen itself was only about 30 years old. So, the use of cutting-edge technology to manage customers’ fire protection and security needs was rather limited. Now, almost 100 years later, The Hiller Companies is proud to utilize the ServiceTrade platform for the latest in customer service management. Using this software, Hiller can engage in an integrated set of activities to enhance and simplify the customer experience by utilizing:

  • Service Appointment Scheduling Applications
  • Electronic Inspection and Service Reports
  • Online eQuotes
  • Service History Records

This technological integration is but one part of the Hiller Difference. From initial job design to the ongoing maintenance of your systems, we strive to add value to your business every step of the way.

What’s in it for you?

Knowledge is power. And that’s what we seek to give you – the knowledge to make informed decisions about your fire protection and security systems. With our service platform, you will stay informed every step of the way. You will receive:

  • Assurance that your routine inspections and services will be completed on time.
  • Validation that the work that you hired us to do was completed to our high standards and to code.
  • An after-service report with photos, videos, audio notes that is always online, and always available.
  • Online access to your service history that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.
  • eQuotes that contain photos, videos and audio notes about deficiencies so you can make critical decisions about future repairs.

How does it work?

Hiller collects service information before, during and after each service appointment and inspection. Once you schedule your appointment, an experienced Hiller technician will review your records to ensure he or she is equipped to provide you with the needed service.

During the service call, that same technician collects information on a smartphone or tablet to share details about the status of your facility. You may then review a work acknowledgment with the technician at the end of the job to see photos, videos, and digital notes of what the technician saw and did as well as any deficiencies that may have arisen.

Online quotes for repairs include all of the media collected for you to review and approve with a click of a button. Once a quote is approved, it automatically becomes a job to be scheduled at your convenience. After-service reports are online, so you can view details about a previous inspection anytime it’s needed.

All around the world, Hiller products and installations are protecting lives and property. We are proud to safeguard everything from small businesses to nuclear testing facilities, yachts to aircraft carriers, and gas stations to offshore platforms. No matter how large or small, we will use the same technology and high level of professionalism across every market.

For more information about the Hiller service platform or our range of fire protection offerings, please visit us online at hillerfire.com or reach us by phone at 844.41.HILLER to schedule an appointment.