Valuable Tools for Unique Environments

Commercial Industrial Fire Protection

Every hazard is unique, but some are more complicated than others and require a particular kind of fire protection system to ensure quick and effective detection and suppression. These specialized systems necessitate the expertise of an experienced team of professionals. The Hiller Companies is a trusted industry leader in special hazard protection, providing design, engineering, installation, service and maintenance of unique fire suppression systems.

Fire Fighting Foam Systems

For decades, foam has been used as a medium for fire suppression. Unlike other extinguishing agents, foam can suppress a flammable or combustible liquid fire using the combined properties of cooling the fire, preventing the contact of oxygen to the flame/ignition source, and smothering vapors.

Hiller offers an extensive range of foam products and systems to meet the unique fire suppression needs of flammable liquid and chemical storage facilities, petro-chemical and LNG plants, hospital helipads, aircraft hangers, and more. Our products include high, medium and low expansion foam systems and a broad spectrum of foam concentrates, including environmentally safe foam agents and FDA-approved foam agents.

We also specialize in the design, manufacture and installation of Hiller Hose Reel systems and Hiller HydraDoors to supplement your foam system.

Hiller Hose Reels provide a fire fighting station that can be operated by one person quickly and effectively delivering foam to the effected area in an emergency.

Hiller HydraDoors are designed to isolate the high expansion foam generator inlet and outlet from environmental conditions. The doors are spring-loaded and automatically open when the foam/water solution is directed to the generator. HydraDoors are particularly useful when the system is scavenging outside air through the generator to produce foam.

Vehicle Suppression Systems:
Protecting Assets on the Move

Vehicle suppression systems provide fire protection for a variety of machinery and transportation equipment, including metropolitan transportation systems, heavy equipment and industrial vehicles. Our systems are designed to alert the operator and suppress the fire as quickly as possible to protect drivers, passengers, and equipment.

The suppression agents used in vehicle fire suppression are dry chemical, wet chemical and twin agent systems. Twin agent systems combine the benefits of dry and wet chemical agents. Dry chemicals suppress the fire rapidly, while wet agents stabilize the hazard by cooling hot metals and equipment as well as applying a vapor-suppressing layer on the fuel. Hiller can assist you in selecting the system that is best suited for the hazards that piece of equipment may be exposed to. Once that is determined, Hiller can design, install and maintain that system to provide you with peace of mind that your valuable assets are protected.

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