The Hiller Process is a tried and true cycle of activities in place to ensure a smooth transition throughout the development and maintenance of your fire protection systems. The iterative steps include: design, installation, commission, customer training, inspection, repair and technology upgrade. Each of the steps can be tracked and monitored by using the power of our ServiceTrade platform for the latest in customer service management. Service tools include scheduling report delivery, online eQuotes, and access to service history records.


Using the latest industry research and technology, Hiller engineers fire protection and security solutions to meet your specific challenges. From standalone systems to integrated platforms, Hiller has a customized solution for you.


Our field staff consists of factory-trained and certified professionals who are ready to tackle the most challenging installation environments–from busy healthcare facilities and heavy industrial and commercial applications to offshore oil rigs, we’ve got you covered.


Before we “hand over the keys” to your new fire protection system, Hiller performs rigorous testing to ensure the system meets the stringent guidelines set forth by the National Fire Protection Association, Coast Guard, American Bureau of Shipping and other approval agencies.

Customer Training

Once your new system is in place, our experienced team of technicians will train your team specifically on how it works and what is needed to keep it running at the optimal level. We are here to support you and the system every step of the way.


Your system will need to be inspected periodically. We are here to make sure that happens without delay. Whether you have a Hiller-designed system or a system installed by another contractor, we will survey your facility, take an inventory of your fire protection equipment/systems and enter that information into our service management platform to ensure we never miss an inspection deadline.


Should repairs be needed following an inspection, you will be notified immediately. A properly functioning system is essential to protecting lives and property. Our technicians are trained not only to spot system deficiencies, but to effectively provide a solution to the problem.

Technology Upgrade

As with all technology, advancements happen every day and with fire safety and security systems, it is no different. When your system is no longer meeting industry standards, we will alert you and provide you with options for ways to upgrade your system. Our number one goal is to keep our clients safe and secure.